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To smoke or not to smoke that is the question

Autumn. People try to catch the last warm days before the long winter. Young women are roaming along winding roads of the city park. Youth, love, beauty, lightness and cigarettes.

Young couple with bright eyes is walking under the golden crowns of the trees. The girl holds scarlet rose in her hand, the symbol of their incipient beautiful love. Glances of charmed passers by, rustling of leaves underfoot and a cigarette in his hand.

Cigarette became the essential part in life of many people. Nonsmoking women became the black sheep in modern society; time and again they have to explain surprised interlocutors why they do not smoke. Smoking erased all possible limits; smoking is everywhere, irrespective of age, social state and physical form. Smoking became the most wide spread habit, the harm of which, in spite of experts warnings, is denied by many people. If people smoke, it means that this process is something important for them. There are lots of reasons, explaining why people begin to smoke cigarettes. Here are the reasons named by women who smoke:

The do not want to stand out from the crowd. Everybody smokes, I want to smoke to. Often, this is the main reason why young women begin to smoke. They do not want to be the only one nonsmoker in the company.

Cigarette it is nice. For many people smoking is the essential part in the image of stylish women. Sexy lips, elegant hand with a cigarette, a cup of strong coffee. The world of forbidden aromas, passion, desire.

Cigarette helps to steady nerves in stress situation. There are many stirring events and difficult situations in life, when cigarette becomes a salvation, even if it is temporary relaxation.

Cigarette helps to lose weight and to keep ones weight trim. It is a disputable statement, but a very widespread myth.

Cigarette helps to while away the time: during the walk, in café, at home in front of the TV, in smoking room with colleagues etc.

All these statements may seem unconvincing to nonsmokers, but they have rights to exist.



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