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Nostalgia for smoking in France

Humanity entered a new epoch, which is more conscious from in respect to hygiene and health care. Process, which has begun in XIX century with extensive water purification, developed into struggle with smoking. This conclusion was made by the French journalist, who commented smoking ban in public places, which came into force in France. According to the new law, people are not allowed to smoke cigarettes in public transport, stores, theatres and shopping centers. Exceptions are restaurants, cafes, casinos, clubs and disco: in these places smoking ban will put into force at the 1st of January, 2008. Journalist Jean Marcel Bugero permitted himself to retrospect those time, when everybody smoke in France.

Proletarians smoked Golduches, aristocracy smoked cigarettes with cigarette holder. The time, when president Jorge Pompidou gave interview with a cigarette in his mouth. He remembered student years, when there was no money for a cigarette pack and students bought one pack for all four and this pack was called P4 (par 4). The time, when cigarette was not a taboo. Vise versa, it was something tempting, the best way to show that you are grown up. After P4 they turned to Gauloises, then Gitanes, and then Marlboro, which seemed to be the top of luxury.



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