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Duty free shops opening again

Ratifying the draft amendment in legislation, the government made no secret of the main target Ė to support the local producer, to promote the creation of new ways and possibilities of progression in export of domestic goods on the market of the European Community.

Many Romanian people from cross-border villages and towns come to Moldova to do shopping, because everything is more advantageous here. Duty-free opening will clear for the regions' citizens the direct way to Moldavian goods without crossing the border. Moldavian factories will supply goods to duty-free stores in export regime, without any excises and VAT, and it will reduce prices considerably. That's why we offer active demand for alcoholic and tobacco products, juices, sugar. Though there are no limits, it's possible to sell any Moldavian products. In one's time, duty-free stores were rather popular in Moldova, there were about 30 stores. "Pioneers" of such kind of trade were the following companies: "Moldclassica International" and "Vinimpex", but some times later they were replaced by "Moland Corporation", which possessed about a half of all duty-free stores.

Lotís of businessmen are interested in this kind of trade. In Ministry of Economic Affairs there are several applications from those who want to carry out this business. In particular, these people have the experience in this field.



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